Given the current situation and the near future, the time to come for the dairy business at a smaller level could be even more laborious.

These issues are exacerbated for small and medium-sized dairy farmers. So, what should be done to run this business profitably under these circumstances and in the future?

To commence with, food is the most expensive item on the farm, and it has become extremely overpriced in recent years. Concentrate, wheat bran, silage, mineral mixture, and pharmaceutical prices have all increased, but milk prices have remained unchanged. This means that if expenses are reduced in some way, the company can turn a profit.

There is a solution to this, and if you follow it, I am confident you will profit greatly from Allah's grace. For working together brings Allah's blessings, so you should do it first. Some dairy farmers form their own collectives and pool their resources to purchase whatever they require. To illustrate, if you buy 10 tons of silage, you will pay 10 rupees per kg, but if you buy 100 tons, you will pay 8 rupees per kg. Similarly, the price of the rest of the items will fall. Because the larger the order, the cheaper the rate you obtain, this cost will increase your quantity.

In addition, whenever you need to purchase a concentrate, wheat bran, silage, or anything else, try to get all of the farmers to order it at the same time in order to get the best price. There is no science in it, nor is there anything that no one understands. The only problem is that all the farmers have to sit together in one place. It's just a matter of buying it. As the Nestle Company has discovered, if you want to sell milk, the higher the quantity, the higher the price. At Sapphire Dairy, he used to buy cow's milk from us for Rs. 60 and from a small farm for Rs. 45 approximately.

So starting today, try to form a group of ten people in your area and, instead of buying one thing at a time, buy together. Make a direct agreement with any company or dealer. When ten people come together, the servant will also respect you and give you something at a very low rate. I have seen that hundreds of farms are in one place, but all purchases are separate. The system is a retail system. If they start buying together, their spending on food can be reduced by 10 to 15%. And these cost savings can be added to your profits. I've seen people come to the veterinary store to buy one kilogram of DCP powder, and the veterinary store will give them up to three hundred rupees per kilogram, whereas a 25 kg bag will cost you Rs. 100 per kilogram. And if you take these bags in large quantities, it may be even less.

If this is not possible for you, then two or three people can buy some things from one of the big dairy farms in your area, but you will still get a lower price from the market. If not today, tomorrow, small farmers will have to do this.

I have read somewhere on social media that one of the benefits of rain is that I don't have to pay for watering my driven well, and the disadvantage is that the rain also falls on the adjacent land. This way of thinking is unfortunately found in every society, but you will find someone who is positive and looking forward to the future. God has some solution for every problem and coincidence is the greatest blessing. This has been happening in our neighboring country for the last five decades - from the union council to the state / province and also at the business level.

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