Sodium bicarbonate- Is it imperative for animals

In today's article you will be fully informed about the use of Sodium bicarbonate in animals i.e. what are the benefits of Sodium bicarbonate? How much Sodium bicarbonate should be given to animals? And which animals should not be given Sodium bicarbonate? Does giving Sodium bicarbonate increase animal milk?

Whatever food is given to animals, such as fodder or concentrate, during its digesting process, fermentation takes place in the stomach of the animal so that the food can be digested, resulting in acidity. Especially high protein fodder or dry fodder called dry matter and animals eating silage or concentrate should be given Sodium bicarbonate because when animals eat such food, their stomach develops a lot of acidity, which reduces pH level of the rumen below normal range, reducing the animal's intake of fodder and drinking water. The fat rate in milk begins to decrease and if no solution is found, the animal's milk also starts decreasing and the animal itself begins to weaken. Animal milk begins to smell. The animal's mouth also smells very unpleasant from its dung and urine. That is to say, the animal becomes a victim of a condition which is commonly called vai badi (local name is Pakistan).

Advantages of using Sodium bicarbonate

Normal animal rumen pH level range between 5.5 and 7 but due to too much acidity pH level begins to fall, so when Sodium bicarbonate is given to animals regularly, then pH level of their rumen becomes normal, keeping their stomach system healthy. Animals also start feeding on fodder and drink water well. Overall, they are in good health and of course it also has a very positive effect on their milk production and also increases the level of fat in milk.

How much Sodium bicarbonate should be given to the animals?

Now let's come to the question: What quantity of Sodium bicarbonate should be given to animals? If you want to give your animal’s Sodium bicarbonate on a daily basis, you can give 25 to 30 grams per day. If you want to give up to 50 grams then you have to give up one day. Sodium bicarbonate should be mixed in the concentrate. Add Sodium bicarbonate to the animal's concentrate whenever you are preparing it. When an animal is prone to excessive stomach acidity, its udder and teats also begin to be affected by it. Problems such as bleeding and lumps from the teats can also occur but all these problems can be avoided by giving a Sodium bicarbonate. If you are preparing concentrate at home for your animals, then 1 kg of Sodium bicarbonate is used in 100 kg concentrate at the rate of 1%, but it is better to mix for each animal in a separate concentrate every day as per its requirement so that better results are obtained.

Contraindication of using Sodium bicarbonate

The Sodium bicarbonate should not be given to the pregnant animal in the last days. In addition, if the animal has to give any medicine, do not give Sodium bicarbonate with medicine but can give it after some interval. In order to remove stomach acidity, provide a clean and fresh water for 24 hours a day so that they can drink water whenever they need to drink water, which also keeps acidity in the stomach under control.

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